Architect rolls and house plans


Our first initial meeting is called an “Expectations Meeting” and is all about getting on the same page with our potential build clients.  In this meeting, we discuss all your needs, wants, desires, and concerns about the building of your home and the process.  We also address your questions regarding home size, budget, design, and any special features that need to be known to assist in getting the plan process started.  During this meeting, we also give an overview of the home building process, and what you can expect from us as the builder. At the end of this meeting we with start with a plan deposit or get the building plans from the client.  Based on whether you have plans or need to draw plans determines the next step.   Then we either start drawing plans or start bidding plans you have provided to us.



After the first initial meeting and getting a copy of your plans, or after when we complete your plans, and have collected all the necessary project details, specs, and necessary information.  Then we can then send the plans and specs to our subcontractors, suppliers, and laborers for estimates on the project. Once we have heard back on prices for labor and material costs, we will then present a formalized bid and outline an estimated timetable for the home construction. We will also go over and explain any areas which may be conditional or dependent on outside factors.

Close - up construction contract with pen and architectural roll


After the client reviews the bid, accepts the expected timetable, and has their questions or issues resolved, then it’s time to shake hands and sign an official building contract, deposit earnest money, and sign a purchase agreement. Once these official documents are signed, and the deposit has been made, then plans for the construction can begin.  At this point we will introduce our builder app and give an overview of the timeline and each phase of the construction project.  We will schedule some client field trips that will help assist you with final product decisions that will need to be made at various times during the construction process.

During Construction


As construction begins, our app will help assist you in staying up to date on the construction flow, decisions that need made, and the progress of your project. Through each stage of the building process, our representatives will meet with you on the jobsite or communicate with you through the app to review the progress of the project, ensure everything is meeting your satisfaction, visit with you about upcoming decisions, help you make good choices on building materials, discuss project timelines, etc…

Keys - Home


Congratulations! The construction is completed, and now it’s time to prepare for the final draw and closing process. River Valley Homes will give you the grand tour of the finished home, do a homeowner orientation, go over any last concerns which may need to be addressed and future repairs scheduled. Once all the loose ends are tied up, and the final walk-through is complete, our representatives will provide you information on the home warranty and move in date!  We require all our customers to sign the final walk through or home orientation paperwork prior to any move-in unless other arrangements have been made in advance.  It is our sincere hope that all our clients love their home, are happy with the performance, and can appreciate all the efforts that went into it to make it uniquely yours.  Our hope is that this is a day of great celebration in our new found friendship that will continue for years to come and that you will feel confident referring River Valley Homes to all those you come in contact with or those who ask about our company.